NET JAVA PHP Developer Jobs in Arizona | Salary Breakdown

.NET, JAVA, PHP Developer Job Salaries in Arizona are increasing.

What must employers offer candidates to attract top talent?


Tech salaries are on the rise and Arizona is keeping pace. According to the latest available figures from the US Bureau of Labor statistics, the average salary for a software engineer in Arizona is just over $89,000 which places the state at a solid 16th highest nationwide.  Average Phoenix area salaries for specific disciplines are as follows:


.net developer

c# .net developer

front end developer

java developer

php developer

php java developer

senior software developer

sr. .net developer

sr. c# .net developer

web developer












As an employer, how do you know what to offer to attract top talent without overpaying?

It depends.

Salaries listed are industry averages, which serve as a good benchmark, but there are factors other than dollars and cents that job seekers may take into consideration.

  • Are you located in a desirable area?
  • Do you offer flex time or telecommuting options?
  • Are you a well-known, sought after company?
  • Are you willing to give entry level candidates a shot?
  • Do you offer good benefits?
  • Are you working on challenging projects?
  • Are there opportunities for growth?
  • Do you encourage (and pay for!) continuing education?

Job seekers look at all these intangibles when deciding to accept an offer, so if you can assure candidates that your company is a great place to work you may be able to offer a little less than the going rate.

If you’d like to learn more about creating an attractive compensation package or need help identifying and attracting top talent, contact AZ Tech Finders, the leading technical recruiters in Phoenix. If you are looking for technical recruiters in Phoenix, contact our team today.



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The Benefits of Using an IT Recruiter | Phoenix IT Jobs

There are many reasons why using a recruiter to help you find your next job is a smart idea. The three most important are simple: recruiters save you time, effort, and money. Here is how working with a recruiter can help you come out on top in more ways than just the job front:


Recruiters are well versed in all things employment. Recruiters have been working in the IT industry for many years. They have the resources and contacts that allow them to find the employers looking for your skill set. Recruiters can also help you filter out the employers that may not be the best fit for your talent.


Recruiters not only have relationships with you, they have long standing relationships with the employers. They are able to work with the employers and filter out who is looking for your skill set and is willing to pay your salary. A recruiter is able to take a lot of the guesswork out of your job search.


President Barry Asin, a keynote speaker at the 2013 Staffing Industry Analyst Executive Forum, discussed the growth of the staffing and recruiting industry over the next five years. He specifically mentioned that online recruiting would reach nearly $5 billion in 2013. More importantly, Asin stated, that information technology is one of the fastest growing sectors of the recruiting industry.


IT recruiters are developing better relationships with leading industry employers. They are able to save you time and money on your job search. Because of the growth of the IT industry, recruiters are beginning to specialize in finding new opportunities. Using an IT recruiter will help expand your professional network, beyond what you have developed alone.


AZ Tech Finders has been talking nerdy since 1998. Our experienced IT job recruiters have a vast network of resources in the Phoenix Arizona area. If you are looking for assistance in your job search, contact our experts today.

The Birds Are Chirping

Written by Sharon Bondurant 4/23/13

It is a beautiful morning.  The birds are chirping, and there is a crisp breeze in the air.  You awake to what should be a fantastic day.  But wait, it is MONDAY, and the only thing on your mind is that long commute, the mad rush to get out of the house, and then the 8+ hours that you have to endure at your “work”.  You start to think about all the “work” that you have been buried under, the lack of support, the crazy hours, and small amount of satisfaction that you now get from it.  Things have definitely changed.

Sound familiar?  This is a hard place to be.  We all are there at some point, and most of the time, you are able to fix what isn’t working or circumstances change that make the situation better.  But, sometimes it doesn’t get any better.  Some people accept that and believe they don’t have a choice to change the situation.  However, I am here to tell you that you do have the power to make a change for the better, to reach beyond where you are right now, and truly be happy in your work life (which directly affects your personal life).  Life is too short…and the birds are chirping.  What are you going to do today?


Get your Developers to be Emotionally Invested in Their Projects

When organizations successfully engage their workers, they experience a 240% boost in performance-related business outcomes.

To fully engage your development team, you should strive to get them emotionally invested in their projects. Here are some tips on how to do this:

  • The process starts with you.  To build an emotional investment in a project, requires that you believe in it 100%.  This will “rub off” on others.  Talk about the project with knowledge, clarity and passion.  When you let the development team see how much you believe in the project, they will believe in it to.
  • Be knowledgeable, serious and committed. Do some research and have some solid knowledge on what you want to create.  Work to build a solid relationship with everyone involved in the project, and keep the lines of communication open.  People (in general) like working with others who are serious, educated and dedicated.
  • Ask for advice and input. Being educated about the project does not mean that you should never ask questions.  The developers working on the project know the product better than anyone else, so why not ask and actively listen to their answers?  They are in the best position to make suggestions on how to solve or avoid workarounds.  Even if they do not have anything else to add to the conversation, they will feel like a true part of the team just by being asked.
  • Lighten the load, if possible.  Stress can hinder development.  Too many design decisions or too many solution options can make it hard to know what to do next.  Use the buddy system on difficult tasks.  Assign another person – a “back up brain” if you will- for complex tasks so developers have someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of.  Communication and collaboration reduce stress for everyone involved.
  • Put a face to everyone’s name. Emotional investments require emotional connections.  Therefore, when your support team sends out communications letting people know about any bug fix or new features, make sure the developer that was involved is mentioned and/or CC’d.  This puts a human name (and face) to all the people involved in the project.

All employees want to work on interesting, innovative projects.  This includes developers, programmers and other members of the IT staff.  When you create an environment where your staff has an emotional attachment to the project they are working on, mediocre software falls by the wayside.

If you are an IT manager in Phoenix AZ, contact AZ Tech Finders today to learn more about locating, hiring and retaining top IT and HR talent. If you are looking for IT manager jobs in Phoenix, contact us today.

The Importance of IT Retention

IT managers are logging the same complaint over and over: they cannot seem to retain their top staff for as long as they’d like, and their offices are suffering for it. Retaining your top talent saves you money (as you do not have to spend money on hiring, training and onboarding a new employee) and time, maintains equilibrium within your staff and helps you achieve your goals more efficiently. Small changes can increase your employees’ loyalty and boost the morale of the team so that you can all operate optimally.

Promote frequently. Establish guidelines that are lofty yet achievable, and make these very clear to your staff. Encourage them to be high-achieving, and reward them with additional responsibility, bigger clients, or a new role. Be sure to keep these promotions fair and available to all who work hard for them.

Give praise freely. As you get to know your employees, determine how best to praise them when the time comes. Individuals who are painfully shy, who flush bright pink at even the thought of a conversation involving more than one or two people, will not benefit from you making a big production at a staff meeting. And, that high-achieving, grandiose personality the next office over would likely appreciate public praise rather than a private accolade. One of the biggest benefits of knowing your staff well knows how to praise them when it is appropriate, and this will go a long way in terms of creating loyalty.

Be supportive of and united with workers.  Stand behind the people you have hired, and they will be much more likely to follow your leadership long-term. Having the unwavering support of one’s direct manager instills a greater confidence in one’s work, which in turn creates greater pride one’s performance.

Feed them! It sounds simple, but serving your employees food on the house creates companionship. (In fact, the etymology of “companion” indicates that the word truly means, “with bread,” or “bread fellow”–companions are those with whom we break bread.) As Ezra Pound wrote in “Canto XCIII,” people are “easier to convert after you feed ‘em,” Team building exercises absolutely do not have to involve a ropes course or a trust fall. No, a trust-building exercise occurs each time you and your employees share a table for a meal. Create a plan that works for your budget.  For example, some of our clients treat their staff to weekly lunches, keep a stocked fridge of energy drinks, use their company break room to cook breakfast once a quarter, or go to extremes with an infamous cereal bar that has every type of cereal you could ever desire!

Allow them some freedom in their schedule and work flow (within reason.)  Focus on the end result rather than the minute by minute details.  Trust your employees enough to allow them to complete their duties unencumbered by unnecessary micromanaging. For roles requiring heavy concentration, make sure your staff takes a 10-15 minute break every couple of hours. This will actually increase productivity in the long run!    Additionally, if you can, offer 1-2 days of working remote or at least a flexible work time schedule.  These two perks are extremely important to staff!  In fact, sometimes the ability to work from home part of the time or the ability to create their own begin and end times is more important to staff than their compensation!

Preserving the talent on your team is one of the most important ongoing tasks of a manager, and it can get tough sometimes. But whether your focus is on retaining the top members of your team or scouting fresh blood for your company, we can help you achieve your goals and grow your business. Contact us today to create a plan for success!

Tech Finders Turns Fifteen

I remember it like it was yesterday…..  the birth of Tech Finders…my baby.  Today my baby is fifteen.  Looking back, there are many things that have changed:

–        The tools of our trade in 1998 were the telephone and the handy dandy phone book.  Period.

–        There were no cell phones and no computers in the office.

–        CareerBuilder was something new…and FREE!

–        C++ and Powerbuilder were the new and in demand “HOT” skill sets

–        Personally, I had one baby at home.  I now have 2 teenagers and 2 “tweeners”

–        We had a staff of one (ME) and our location was my spare bedroom


After some sleepless nights, and a little blood, sweat, and tears, Tech Finders grew.  We experimented and discovered what worked in our industry and what did not.  We maintained our pleasantly, persistent demeanor and we refused to give up.  We weathered storms, and hiked through valleys.  We saw the rebirth of Cobol in 1999, we experienced highs with the .com boom and big lows with the .com bust.   We held on through the Great Recession of 2009 and have been on a great climb ever since. Through all of this, we have had wonderful client partners and candidates that made it all worthwhile.


And, there are some things that have not changed at all:


–       Our gratitude for the people that we represent (our clients and our candidates).  Some of these relationships are going on eleven years of service!

–       The passion for our industry.  All of my staff exudes passion for what they do.  We all love connecting the best of the best.  We are committed and driven to do the right thing.

–        Our dedication to solve staffing problems in a straight forward, quick, and expedient manner.

–       The amazing people we serve.  It is you that bring us our daily joy.


To my wonderful staff, I want to send my extreme gratitude.  It is your hard work and your constant dedication that has made Tech Finders what it is today.


To our wonderful clients and candidates, on behalf of myself and my staff, thank you for believing in us and giving us the opportunity help you to be successful.   We are looking forward to the next 15 years!


– Sharon Bondurant




Tech Finders adds HR division

We are thrilled to announce that we have added an HR division to our services.

Now, not only can we assist you with your unique technical staffing needs, but we can now help you add HR talent to your team.  Whether you need to find a VP of HR, or need to add a contract recruiter for a short time, we can quickly identify the right professional for the job.  Veteran industry leader, Donna Dietrich, heads up our new Division.  We have an inside joke in the office that she knows EVERYONE in the HR space.  We think she does!

We can’t wait to help you the next time you have an HR need.  Click on our Press Release for more details.

Contact Donna Today!

4 IT Certifications to Advance Your Career

When evaluating prospective candidates, employers frequently look to the certifications that the candidate may have earned as a measure of excellence and commitment to quality. They are willing to pay for these certifications.

Four of the top IT certifications that can boost your career include:

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) is viewed as the most important certification for project managers.  It highly sought after and employees who have earned this credential can earn over $100K a year.
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is considered the “gold standard” in information security certifications and education.  Earning and maintaining this certification is required for many government, military and civilian security positions.  Employees can earn over $100K a year with a CISSP certification.
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certifies a person’s ability to design and build application solutions.  It replaces the old Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer certification, and it can help those who earn it make between $95-100K a year.
  • Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) verifies that the person has proven his/her ability to design, implement and manage SQL Server 2000 databases.  People holding this certification can earn approximately $95K a month.

Earning a certification does cost – both in terms of time and money.  As an IT professional, you might be expected to pay the full cost of earning and maintaining your certification.  The workload can be arduous; you have tough eligibility requirements, and you will have to meet a minimum threshold of additional education via university programs, company-sponsored programs or distance learning. Then you will need to pass a test, and continue to maintain your certification by additional professional development units within a set period of time.

However, the benefits of studying and receiving your certification can boost your earnings potential greatly.  For example, a CISSP certificate can add a 10-15% premium to your base pay, while the MCSD and MCDBA can add 8-13% to your base pay.

However, do not forget the non-monetary benefits.

Many certification programs have a prescribed method and level of study, which allows you to fill in the gaps of your knowledge and widen your overall knowledge base.  When you are in the workplace, you tend to always use the same set of configuration options, commands and procedures.  As a result, it becomes very difficult to develop an expertise in all features available within a technology.  A certification program will help fill in the gaps.

At AZ Tech Finders, we can help propel your career ahead.  If you are in IT professional in the Phoenix area and would like help in finding your home page next mid to senior level position, call us today!

Appeal to the Personal – How to use Social Media to tell your IT Brand Story

Everyone has heard the story.  Amy’s Baking Company thought that they had the marketing coup of 2013 when they were offered the chance to be featured on Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay.  However, their joyous success quickly turned into a true kitchen nightmare …much of it through the owners’ own doing.  After Ramsay abandoned them on the show, the owners allegedly turned to social media to defend and justify their behavior through a series of vitriolic Facebook posts and Yelp review responses. These were followed by (what many viewed as) wishy-washy apologies and protestations that their social media sites had been hacked.

Needless to say, Amy’s Baking Company currently has a more tarnished brand than the AMC Gremlin or Zippo Fragrances.

Brand management – regardless of your target market – has taken on a whole new meaning in today’s social media age.  You may think that your website is enough, but it is not.  Approximately 1/3 (32%) of people find a brand’s official website through popular social media sites.   Clients, employees and vendors now have the power to make-or-break your business by sharing information and posting comments on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Glassdoor, Google +, etc.  To survive, your brand must manage these interactions effectively.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when creating your brand’s social media strategy:

Monitor your entire online profile

Your online profile impacts your brand and consists not only of your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, but your website, Google Place page, Google + page as well as your accounts on various 3rd party sites – Manta, Glassdoor, Yelp.  Make sure that your profile is completely filled out and that you post or update on a regular basis so that viewers have a complete and accurate picture of your business.

Track metrics

Leverage the vast array of metrics to gauge the success of your social media strategy.  Tracking awareness (i.e. the viewing of your message) and action (i.e. doing something with your message) is of paramount importance, because it gives insight on what resonates with your audience.   The ultimate response to a piece of your social media content is action.  If someone sees something that resonates with them and retweets it, likes it, favorites it or shares it, then that is the ultimate indication that your brand and your message is resonating.

Respond to all “actions” publicly and pleasantly

Acknowledge any/all actions.  Say “thank you” for retweets and likes.  Acknowledge favorites. If you do receive a negative comment or a review, never rebut, never curse, never go on into attack mode. Do not make the same mistakes Amy’s allegedly made, or you will receive lots of publicity for all the wrong reasons.  Keep your responses simple and apologize.  Tell them that you appreciate their feedback, and you would like to resolve the issues.  Everyone is able to see your responses, so show them that you take all feedback seriously and will immediately act on and respond to that feedback.  If need be, take any/all further communication offline.

At AZ Tech Finders, we understand the world of IT staffing, and we can put that knowledge to work for you.  Contact us today to learn more about finding and retaining top IT talent. 

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Why Should We Hire You?

If you are searching for ways to hone your skill set and increase your hireability, an excellent option is training and education. Training in a specialization or increasing your working knowledge of relevant advances in your industry is a particularly helpful method of increasing your own hireability and professional worth, as well as helps your resume to stand out from the crowd when submitting for contract work. Contract work helps you expand your skill set and connects you with people at different companies and corporations in your industry, and can make you a more sought-after candidate and put you at the forefront for the most choice opportunities.

First, consider your strengths, weaknesses, and interests. It is beneficial to foster all of these; it never hurts to get better at something you already excel in, improving upon something that is a weakness can help you achieve a breakthrough, and learning about specific industry topics in which you take interest is likely to energize and excite you. Whatever your desired path at this time, there is likely an educational opportunity to help you begin.

Second, investigate coursework that seems aligned with what you hope to get out of it overall. Be sure that your learning style would be appropriate for the curriculum; an individual who learns best in an interactive way would not likely benefit greatly from a static, lecture-style experience. Try to avoid classes or workshops that do not focus on the application of the principles being taught, as opposed to simply outlining those principles. Choose a course that fits your needs and that will engage you.

Next, be sure to update your resume after your complete each course or workshop. You may start to notice that the “specializations” section in your portfolio is growing thicker–that’s great! Keeping up with all your continuing education hours and certificates when you are able to show an employer exactly how knowledgeable you may be about a particular subject or niche.

Last, seek contract work that appeals to what you wish to concentrate on. Perhaps you have invested a great deal of time in learning about systems analysis or mobile app design; use a recruiter to help you find contract work with those parameters. The contacts that can be gained from engaging in contract work are invaluable; do not underestimate the value of face time, however temporary, in a company or corporation that appeals to you.

If you are seeking contract work or educational opportunities, contact us today. We can help you tadalafil generic vs cialis determine the most prudent and profitable plan for your professional development and personal fulfillment. AZ Tech Finders has the resources and network to help you advance your career and find your next job in Phoenix AZ.